Institute of Virology -Laboratory P4-WUHAN (China)

Type of mission: Design and project management: Air treatment / Strong & weak currents / Plumbing / Special fluids / Laboratory furniture / Effluent treatment / Autoclaves / Breathing air / Diving suits / gasket doors

  • Date: 2020
  • Client: Chinese Government
  • Type of project: Design, project management

Subject mastery :
Tourret architect, ALTERGIS engineering

About this project

Construction of a research building including a P4 laboratory dedicated to handling class 4 microorganisms

Specificity of the project:

– Handling of class 4 microorganisms.

– 4 independent laboratory areas.

– 2 rodent and primate housing rooms.

– 1 autopsy room.

– 1 biological resource center.

– Premises classified in ISO 7.

– Double entry autoclaves.

– Evacuation in double jacket piping.

– Liquid effluent treatment station.

– Breathable air production

– Ventilated diving suits

– Decontamination showers

– Doors with inflatable seal

– Static and dynamic confinement

– Chilled water production unit

– Heating substation

– Centralized Technical Management

– Implementation of fluid power plants

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