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Project management assistance


Ce travail est mené en 3 étapes :

  • Collection needs:


  • Translation of requirements:


  • Context data translation:




Gopura personally offers you its expertise as well as strategic and technical recommendations for all your future projects based on its 30 years of experience as a containment expert and contractor. The use of our Consulting service can be motivated by:
  • A need for specialized expertise:

You face questions or doubts in the development of your project and you do not have the skills required to answer them.

  • A need for objectivity:
You find yourself in a complex situation which cannot be solved by yourself or internally for reasons of impartiality.
  • A need for credibility:
You need support, support to carry and consolidate your containment project.
After carrying out a diagnosis of your situation (potential problems, resources, constraints) and understanding your priorities and objectives, we set a work plan (objectives pursued, planned methodology, schedule, resources used, budget) to carry out our collaboration and provide you with precisely the advice you need.



“If you do not know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else” Laurence J. Peter

The success of your construction operation rests on clear and reasoned definition of your expectations. The programming service offered by GOPURA asia is essential since it is used to describe accurately the needs and the context of the operation, such as budgetary, regulatory or architectural targets.

This work is conducted in 3 steps:

    • Requirements analysis:

Identification and coordination of people able to express your needs in order to obtain the initial data set: functional, scientific, technical and architectural needs but also budgetary and planning objectives as well as regulatory specificities applied to urban planning, fire safety, maintenance or operation. On the basis of our expertise, we also investigates emerging issues, such as energy efficiency and environmental quality.

  • Translation of your needs.

. We translate your needs, synthesize them and make them coherent to get a definition of functional assemblies, human flows, material flows, logistics flows, technical strategies and a definition of spaces and their characteristics.


  • Translation of context data:

We also perform a site analysis, a study of applicable regulations, and a reflection on your architectural desires.

This work leads to a first dimensional approach and thus to a first economic view of your future building, that allow you to position yourself regarding your initial objectives and to make decisions even before having consulted contractors. This helps to anticipate problems and manage them upstream, before the design. Most importantly, it ensures you a precise and exhaustive definition of your project.


All the expertise of Thierry Morand and his team express itself during this crucial stage for your future building. We give life and shape to your project.

  • In the Concept Design phase:

we get down to offer a comprehensive solution in response to the needs and constraints defined in your program. But we also determine the completion period and verify its compatibility with your projected budget.

  • In the Preliminary Design phase:

we specify at first the overall composition of your building in plans and volumes, its appearance, technical arrangements which may be considered and the estimated cost of your project. The work continues until the obtaining of the detailed surfaces of all elements listed in the program, the plans and final sections of the building, its final appearance, construction principles, materials, technical facilities, and a definitive detailed estimate.

  • In the Detailed Design phase:

we settle on, through plans, all the elements of the construction, the nature and the technical characteristics of the materials and their condition of use. We determine the locations of structural elements and technical equipment, detail the outline of all the fluids, set the projected cost of the project, estimate the costs linked to the maintenance of your building, and determine the overall execution period. All execution plans are achieved at the end of this phase.

As part of this service, we provide you with assistance during the procurement and contracting process, by preparing consultation documents and examining the applications and offers received.

Project management

A study of quality is not sufficient to guarantee the success of your building in terms of performances and above all in term of safety. GOPURA asia naturally offers you a project management service to provide you the assurance of a high quality construction without the slightest flaw. More than a duty, it is our obligation and major concern due to our historical expertise in the realization of maximum security laboratories (BSL3 and BSL4 laboratories).

  • In the Project Management :

we ensure you that your building under construction scrupulously respects the technical studies and that the documents produced by the contractor comply with the contract. We deliver all documents and orders necessary for the execution of the work and lead site meetings. We also perform the administrative and budgetary monitoring of your project. Of course, we provide you with assistance in the settlement and the execution of works.


  • supervision and coordination of the construction site:

our mission includes the analysis of the basic tasks relating to the works, the determining of their sequences and the translation of this organization on graphic documents. Day by day we make sure to harmonize in time and space the actions of every construction player and to enforce the various organizational measures stipulated in the contracts.


  • Assistance:

we also assist you during the acceptance operations and during the warranty period of your construction. We organize the preliminary operations prior to the delivery of the works, ensure the follow up of the reservations and make up the file needed for your building operation.

Once your building is ready, we conduct the test and commissioning works. We make sure the proper running of your facility and control its performances. The building ready, we deliver it to you along with a training compulsory for its operation.

Turnkey projects

In addition to the previously mentioned services, and due to the success of our previous experiences as general contractor, we offer turnkey projects. This form of contract, which generally gathers design and construction works, ensure you a project without any surprise and a streamlined process. It is managed, orchestrated, and carried out from the very beginning to the end by us. This is a tailored service.


Since each project is different and that there is no single containment solution. We are equipped with tools that support to design, such as controlled atmospheres modelling softwares. These programs are no substitute for the expertise and experience of our team or of real experimentation, but may contribute to quickly solve very complex configurations. Our experts are trained on these programs and know precisely which initial conditions and parameters must be used to model a specific environment.

If, by the nature of your activity, you are led to carry out a controlled atmosphere study, we offer you this fast, safe, and low cost service (compared to a physical experimentation). After having understood the purpose of your need, received all the elements and data to be processed and made the calculation, we deliver you a study report with the details of our approach and a written and graphical analysis of the results.


Gopura offers you his expertise and experience before, during the construction of your building, and after, through his audit services. A containment engineering project does not stop at the work acceptance or at the start of the operation, but continues thoughout the operation of your facility.

Time does not stop. Materials and equipment wear out and sometimes lose interest regarding to the new standards and the emergence of better products, more suitable, more efficient. Process also dies out with the evolving of technologies and the continuous improvement of states of the arts and good practices. From this addition of wears stems a continuous decrease of technical and managerial performances that must be evaluate and countered to allow your installation to continue to perform its function, which may be in the case of a biosafety laboratory, to ensure the safety of users and external environment.

If your facility is aging, or if you face any doubt about its ability to fulfill its objectives, Thierry Morand offers you his expertise by taking stock of your facility, revealing possible critical defects, correcting them, and bringing you valuable recommendations to improve your entire system.


We provide you with our knowledge and experience in every phase of your project and within each of our services. It is absolutely essential to update your skills and knowledge in order to be able to think out, fully understand, follow and operate your technological system.

However, Gopura, offers to bring you ad hoc and tailored trainings to meet your specific needs, on the basis of his 33 years’ experience as a containment engineering expert and entrepreneur.

These trainings whose thematics can be instructive, technical, organizational, …, may as well be destined to you, your employees, technicians, scientists, engineers and customers. Thanks to his long experience as training leader, teacher, and consultant (as well in government bodies as in university lecture halls), Thierry Morand is able to answer precisely to your learning goal.


As a project owner of a technological system especially complex and which critical activity leave no room to improvisation and the slightest flaw (physical or organizational), you may feel the need to be assisted in your mission. GOPURA asia proposes to guide and help you to overcome all technical and organizational issues that you are likely to encounter during the operation of your building, in order to ensure the same level of initial performance and make it perform its function. This service is tailored to your needs.

Our latest achievements


The creation of an institute devoted to interdisciplinary research in cancerology.

Insectarium of the University of Strasbourg

Realization of a new construction for the Insectarium in extension of the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology


It is intended to accommodate the IRCELYON units – Lyon Institute for Catalysis and Environment Research

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