National Institute of Agronomic Research

Type of mission: Design, project management and execution mission for HVAC, Plumbing / Fluids, Bench / Fume cupboards / Furniture / Culture chamber and Greenhouse
Amount of the transaction: € 1,325,000
Surface area: 200 m² of Laboratory, 200 m² of Greenhouse

  • Date: 2017
  • Project Type: Conception, Maitre d’oeuvre
  • Maître d’ouvrage: INRA – Centre Val de Loire

Subject mastery :

About this project

The INRA center in Orléans hosts several research units working on themes relating to wood and the forest ecosystem. One of the research units (improvement, genetics and forest physiology) specializes in the production and disposal of woody plants resulting from molecular engineering. This project aims to create facilities (Laboratories, Greenhouse) meeting the biosecurity and performance requirements for this research unit

Specificity of the project:

– Closed greenhouse of 5 modules

– L2 laboratories

– A culture chamber with anti-condensation system

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